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Welcome letter from Premier (added 12-31-11)

Premier TEW portal registration letter (added 12-31-11) Please contact FSR at this address if you experience problems logging into the portal after receiving your specific login information.

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TEW General Meeting(s), Thursday, August 2, 7:00 pm (with as many as two additional meeting calls on this date) and Thursday, August 9 (with as many as two additional meeting calls on this date) - both at FM Courts Building - early voting room for the purpose of changing the board election quorum requirement from 67% (144 homes) currently (per the TEW declaration) to 15% (33 homes). This is the only business to be conducted during these meetings.

The board is requesting this change based upon the number of votes cast in recent elections. Currently, if a quorum is not attained then the election is not valid and needs to be held again and again (resulting in added costs to the Association) until a legal quorum is reached (each subsequent quorum being 2/3 that of the previous). Based upon current voting trends, a 15% threshold should be attainable on the first try.

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Easter Egg hunt, Saturday, March 31 at Gaston Park, 10:00 am

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TEW HOA annual association meeting is Thursday, March 1 at 7:00 pm at the Flower Mound Courts Building (4150 Kirkpatrick Lane) in the room that is used for early voting. An agenda will be available through the Premier portal and will be attached here when available. (this information added 2-2-12)

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TEW HOA Board meeting, Thursday, January 12, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, FM Courts Building (in the early voting room), 4150 Kirkpatrick Lane. HOA members are welcome to attend. Here is the agenda for the meeting. If you have any items that you would like to have on the agenda, please contact our Association Manager, Carmen Reyes at this address.

** moved from Home page 12-13-11** Board Elections will be held on Monday, November 14, 7:00 pm at the Flower Mound Library. Ballots will be counted at the meeting and the results will be announced. Resident attendance is encouraged.

** previous notice **If you have misplaced your invoice for the brick wall special assessment, please go ahead and mail your check to: TEW HOA, PO Box 270427, Flower Mound, TX 75027-0427, and put "brick wall special assessment" in the memo section of the check to ensure proper credit to your account. Sending your check before being re-billed will save the association some time and money and will ensure that we have funds available to pay for the project and loan.

** as of June 27 **Bricks have been delivered and construction is scheduled to begin on or about Monday, June 27 Wednesday, June 29 and should last for 20 days. Homeowners having property along the wall will should be notified of pending construction for their section up to three days in advance via a door hang tag. A temporary fencing material will secure your property. If you have any specific questions during this construction period, please send them to Jerry or Dennis and your question will be sent to our project manager for a timely resolution.

** previous notice ** Bank funding has been secured. Construction start is tentatively planned for June 27 (pending permit approvals and weather) and should take about 3 weeks. Homeowners who have brick wall will be notified by hang tag several days in advance of the start of the work on the section of wall near their property.

** previous notice ** The Recap of the May 9th Brick Wall Replacement Meeting is attached here . Also the Board of Timberview Estates West has voted a special assessment to pay for the project. The special assessment will be invoiced to the residents of TEW in 3 annual installments of $200 each (total over 3 years of $600 per lot).

Please note that as stated in the attached recap that if TEW fails to obtain the necessary financing that more than 3 annual installments may be required to pay for the project. The special assessments of $200 will be invoiced the the residents of TEW in June of 2011, June of 2012, and June of 2013 (again assuming that TEW obtains the necessary financing to contract the project by June 29, 2011 otherwise additional assessments may be required). Regular operating assessments will be invoiced in January of each year as is the current practice.

Please note as this is a notice of special assessment and that only approximately 70% of our owners have supplied a contact e-mail address you will also receive a courtesy copy of this notice via US Mail.