Community Standards and Code Enforcement


In an effort to maintain an attractive and well maintained appearance to our neighborhood, please reference the Town of Flower Mound code enforcement page here as a starting point for general maintenance and upkeep concerns that would affect our neighborhood's appearance and our home values. The list below was taken directly from the Town's page.

The Town's TOP TEN code violations

The list below are the Town's top ten code violations. The Town's Code of Ordinances may be found here.

  • High Grass and Weeds - In the Town of Flower Mound grass and weeds may not exceed 12 inches in height. High grass and weeds are unsightly, can create fire hazards, and act as rodent habitat. (reference Sec. 34-32)
  • Trash and Debris - Trash and debris stored on properties pose a health and safety threat, can create fire hazards and act as rodent habitat, and can negatively affect surrounding property values. (reference Sec. 34-71)
  • Junk Vehicles - Junk vehicles visible from a public right-of-way reduced surrounding property values and create dangerous conditions that can be an attractive nuisance for children. (reference Sec. 34-242)
  • Right of Way Obstructions - Objects obstructing the public right-of-way, including trees that grow lower than 8 feet over the sidewalk or lower than 14 feet over the street and vehicles that are parked on the sidewalk, pose significant safety and welfare threats. (reference Sec. 34-51)
  • Stagnant Pools - Stagnant pools are health and safety threats that serve as insect breeding habitats helping to spread mosquito born diseases, including the West Nile Virus. (reference Sec. 34-75)
  • Property Maintenance Standards - Properties and fences that are not maintained to meet minimum property standards pose health, safety, and welfare risks and can negatively affect surrounding property values. (reference Sec. 14-541 and 15-542)
  • Work Without Permits - Many property improvement projects, including new fences, accessory structures, decks, and pools, require permits to ensure the projects are built to meet the required safety standards, preserving property values and ensuring consistent quality development. (reference Sec. 14-571)
  • Parking on Grass - Vehicles must be parked on approved concrete, asphalt, or other accepted surfaces as approved by the Town to help prevent the proliferation of ancillary high weeds and rodent habitats and preserve neighborhood aesthetics and property values. (reference Sec. 66-174)
  • Illegal Dumping - The illegal dumping of refuse, including grass clippings and pet waste, in unapproved locations threatens the environment and water supply, and poses threats to the community's health, safety, welfare, and property values. (reference Sec. 34-73)
  • Signs in the Right of Way - The illegal posting of signage, including garage and yard sale, open house, and residential housing signs, creates blight and traffic safety issues. (reference Sec. 86-232 and 86-233)

Recently Adapted Codes

Recent changes to the Code may be found in this document. The highlights are:

  • Placement Time of Waste and Recycling Receptacles - the Town code provides for a 48 hour window (on street no earlier than 8:00 am the day before collection and to be removed by 8 am the day after collection - in our neighborhood, this would generally be Monday and Wednesday, respectively) - for the "curb appeal" of the neighborhood, please try to place bins on the street the "day of" collection and remove them the same evening. (reference Sec. 34-81)
  • Placement Time of Bulk Waste - follows guideline of bins, that is, bulk waste should go out no earlier than 8:00 am the day prior to pickup (in our neighborhood, this would generally be Monday). (reference Sec. 34-82)
  • Unlawful Weeds and Grass - this ordinance clarifies the difference between weeds and native plants used for aesthetic and/or wildlife promotion, drought tolerance, and/or water conservation. (reference Sec. 34-32)
  • Private Swimming Pool or Spa - addresses stagnant swimming pool and spa water. (reference Sec. 34-71)
  • Perimeter Fence Standards - establishes standards for perimeter fences in our Town. (reference Sec. 14-542)

As a resident of Flower Mound, you may report violations yourself (rather than waiting for TEW HOA Code Enforcement to discover and report)

The Town has a mechanism that allows residents to report code violations anonymously. You can find additional information here.