Neighborhood Crime Watch

This is an important program for our neighborhood.

The Crime Watch Coordinator strives keep us informed of any important information that needs to be distributed quickly as it relates to neighborhood safety. Typically, these notifications will be either by email, or from an automated messaging system (Calling Post). To ensure that you receive updates, please send your preferred email address and preferred phone number to the Crime Watch Coordinator at Crime Watch.

Please keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and, if needed, take steps to be a good witness (description of suspect, vehicle, direction of travel, etc., that would help the police should they need to become involved). The FM Police non-emergency number is 972-539-0525 or, if needed, simply call 911. Please consider notifying the CWC if you are the victim of a crime within the neighborhood as such information may help your neighbors assess their respective vulnerabilities.

Here are a few tips to help avoid becoming the victim of a property crime:

  • Lock your vehicle, especially if you do not park inside of your garage (many property crimes are crimes of opportunity - an unlocked car is easier to go through than a locked one)
  • Do not leave valuables in plain sight inside of your vehicle, even if it is locked (it would take only a couple of seconds to smash out a window to retrieve your laptop or other desirable electronic device)
  • Check the security of your exterior doors (even the one leading into your garage) before retiring for the evening
  • Let your neighbors know if you are leaving town for a few days and whether or not you expect anyone to be at your house while you are away (FMPD also offers a vacation check service - consider using that as well)
  • If something doesn't look quite right and you suspect a criminal act is being committed, observe and report to the PD (the PD non-emergency number is 972-539-0525 - they would rather stop a crime before it occurs)