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Hi TEW HOA Residents,

This notice was received from the Town Of Flower Mound. If you see a neighbor watering at an inappropriate time, it would be nice to let them know to prevent a $500 fine in case they did not get this email or read it on Towne Square.

The Town of Flower Mound has entered a modified version of Stage 2 of our Emergency Water Demand Management Plan. On top of the established Stage 2 requirements, the Town is taking additional measures to reduce water usage throughout town by restricting outdoor watering to no more than TWO DAYS per week. If UTRWD moves into its Stage 2, the Town will be contractually obligated to escalate our restrictions, including limiting watering to ONE DAY week for all water users. NOW is the time for all of us to work together and reduce our water usage to avoid more stringent restrictions. Starting today, Aug. 9, the following is mandatory for those on Town water:

  • Watering lawns and gardens between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. is prohibited.
  • Outdoor watering with automatic systems or hose-end sprinklers is limited to no more than twice per week.
    • Residents with street addresses ending in an even number can water on Sundays and Thursdays.
    • Residents with street addresses ending in an odd number can water on Saturdays and Wednesdays.
  • Residents may refill swimming pools but only on their designated watering days.
  • Please note, watering by means of a hand-held hose, bucket, or drip irrigation is permitted at any time.

Water users in Town who fail to follow the STAGE 2 RESTRICTIONS COULD BE SUBJECT TO A FINE UP TO $500 FOR EVERY DAY THE VIOLATION is present. We have established an online form for residents to report possible violations, which can be found at www.flower-mound.com/waterconservation. That link also provides great tips and best practices for watering your lawn.

The current water demand is approaching a level that could cause a reduced delivery capacity for all or part of the transmission system. With your help, we can avoid that reduction. Please help us spread the word to your residents and continue to do your part to help reduce water usage!

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions.


Melissa Demmitt
Communications Director
Town of Flower Mound
O: 972.874.6078 | C: 601.270.8457

August- September TEW HOA Update

3rd Quarterly Board Meeting - Monday September 19
To be held at 3360 Long Prairie Rd

Please make plans to join us for our September Board of Directors meeting September 19. Some topics to be discussed will be the 2023 Annual Budget, can rental properties be used as VRBO’s or have a minimum require time a home can be rented, review of our financial status, and the current budget and more.

School has started

This means to be more aware of children in the mornings and afternoons. Slow Down. Parents talk to the drivers in your home. One injury or death is too many. There have been more cars speeding on our streets around lunch and evening. Timber Park Drive is not a speedway.

Theft and Vandalism

We live in a very safe neighborhood and rarely does anything happen. I was informed that 3 months ago a pick-up was broken into, and all the tools were stolen. Please park your cars in the driveways to be safer. Also, leave nothing in your vehicles that can temp someone to steal is helpful also. We want to know if you hear or have had a problem of any kind. My email address is below.

Yes, we are still in the Town of Flower Mound Water Restrictions

Odd number home addresses can water between 6 PM to 10 AM on Wednesdays and Saturdays with hose sprinklers and automatic sprinkler systems. Even number homes can water from 6 PM to 10 AM on Sundays and Thursdays with hose sprinklers and automatic sprinkler systems. You are allowed to hand water with a hose at any time. Having your grass cut at a higher level helps retain the moisture in the soil.


This hot weather has created huge electric bills for all of us. Try closing blinds or drapes when the east or west sun is shining in. Running ceiling or floor fans helps cool the home and then raise your thermostat up a little. Wish I had more suggestions. Oh, also, review your electric bill charges. Many times, you can get a lower annul rate for less. A lower rate can pay for the penalty charged in 2 months of lower electric. You need to do a little math, but it can be worth it. Watch out for variable rates. They can be costly.

Yard Inspections are normally done on the first and third Wednesdays of the month.

ACC Guidelines are listed on this web site. Permits are submitted through TownSq

Jone Harrison
President, TEW HOA

Violation letter NOTICE OF CHANGE. As a result of a change by the Texas Legislature in state law Section 209; HOAs are required to send a certified 'warning of a fine letter' prior to the levy of a violation fine. Therefore, homeowners are, since April 2019, charged a $15 Certified Letter fee for their 2nd (Warning) Notice of a violation. The third and subsequent letters will have and have had a $15 Certified Letter Fee as well as a $50 fine for the violation. Prior to the law change, 2nd (Warning) Notice of a violation were not sent certified.

TEWHOA has a new management company-Goodwin & Company. If you did not get the information that was mailed please click this link for a PDF copy of it. This will also tell you how to sign in to your new on-line account.

Mosquito and West Nile Virus information can be found on Town's website - link.

Goodwin & Company is the management company for Timberview Estates West. Our Association manager is Breanne Balderman. Her contact information is:

Breanne.Baldermann@goodwintx.com(214) 445-2722

Breanne will handle all the day to day business of the association from coordinating common area repairs to managing past due receivables. A short list of her duties are:

Important Information about TEW

Dear Residents,

For the past several years, our Association fees have not covered our Budget/Reserve. This increase will finally balance our Budget/Reserve, covering the increasing expenses associated with our development.

For example, the majority of the yearly dues collected funds the following:
1. Common area maintenance (upkeep of grass & bushes, tree trimming, etc.)
2. Water used for irrigation of common areas and electricity to run the sprinklers
3.The reserve account, ensuring future Boards will have sufficient funding to replace our screening wall at the end of its projected life (the screening wall is expected to have about an additional 15 years of life before needing replacement)
4. Management Company fees / Legal fees / Mailing costs

Per the CCRs, Assessments are made up of two components: The Annual Operating Budget and the Fixed Asset Reserve. The Board has worked diligently to control costs, while maintaining our neighborhood’s common areas, protecting home values, and will continue to do so.

- Please 'click here' for Screening Wall / Reserve Information

If you see a problem or water leak with our sprinkler system at any of the entrances, please use this number, 24 hours a day, 877-378-2388. You may also contact the Association Manager at Breanne.Baldermann@goodwintx.com, or, you may reach Breanne directly at 214-445-2719 Ext. 2717 Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

TEW HOA Board of Directors
Name Position Email
Jone Harrison President 9jharrison@gmail.com
Jami Jo Thornton Vice President vicepresident1@timberviewestateswest.com
Shelli McBrayer Vice President vicepresident2@timberviewestateswest.com
Dennis Rains Secretary secretary@timberviewestateswest.com
William Elton Treasurer treasurer@timberviewestateswest.com
Breanne Baldermann Association Manager Breanne.Baldermann@goodwintx.com