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Hi Homeowners,

This is a reminder from the HOA Board regarding trees within the subdivision.  Please refer to the TVEW website (www.TimberviewEstatesWest.com) under the Arch Control menu.

The current ACC guidelines state that 

“Every front lot is required to have one tree unless approved by the ACC to have no trees due to sewer lines.”

The tree can be any type including an ornamental tree planted in the main front yard area. It is not required to be planted in the center of the yard.

Please contact the ACC if you feel that you need a tree exemption for sewer lines, or other considerations.

The Goodwin inspector will start notifying Homeowners on their  November 1st subdivision inspection. 

Fall is a great time of the year to plant and get your tree established before Winter.

Thank you for your attention to this requirement.




Hi Everyone,



June 19. 2nd quarter meeting  Keller Williams building, 2611 Cross Timbers Rd  Come early as the door locks at 6:30 PM   

Sept 18. 3 quarter meeting

Nov 20. 4 quarter meeting

Jan 22  2025. Annual Mtg


A yellow sign with black textDescription automatically generated   April 20, SATURDAY 8 AM- 2 PM   SUBDIVISION GARAGE SALE   Start  your decluttering and make some money at your garage sale

April 19-21  Bluebonnet Festival in Ennis.  The bluebonnet capitol of Texas Google for the trail and festivities in town.

Saturday April 27 9 AM   Rheudasil Park, 2401 Lake Forest Blvd   The pond will be stocked with more than 500 pounds of catfish for a free kids fishing event.  Bring your poles and bait or they can provide them.  Prizes and awards will be given in several categories.


TEW HOA yard inspections are done the first and third Wednesday of the month.  


April is the perfect time to get started on our yards. 

  1.  Fertilize your yard and kill the weeds.  Scotts Weed and Feed works well. I have been pleased with Spectracide Weed Spray to kill individual weeds.  Home Depot and Lowes also have weed sprays that attach to your garden hose.
  2. Applying a pre-emergent now will prevent any weed seeds from growing. I finally found Lesco pre-emergent in the back of Home Depot in Lewisville.
  3. Re-sodding areas in your yard:  Your sections of grass will root much easier and do better if you apply  2” or more inches of good quality topsoil down first. The best topsoil soil can be purchased at Living Earth. Once you lay the sod, you need to hand water it and walk on it while it is soaked to blend the grass sections with the dirt.  You need to water at least twice a day to keep the soil moist for two weeks so the grass will root. If you have a large area and need to use your sprinkler system, you can contact the Town of Flower Mound to get an exemption from the water restrictions to allow you to water your yard every day.

I hope these ideas help you with your yard care.




Jone Harrison

President, TEW HOA  



Suggestions to better our neighborhood are always welcome.


Flower-Mound.com, residential permit guidelines. A very “easy to use” site to answer your questions if a permit is needed from the Town Of Flower Mound, prior to submitting a request to the ACC. Remember to add your town permit when you contact ACC

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