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Hi Homeowners,

This is a reminder from the HOA Board regarding trees within the subdivision.  Please refer to the TVEW website (www.TimberviewEstatesWest.com) under the Arch Control menu.

The current ACC guidelines state that 

“Every front lot is required to have one tree unless approved by the ACC to have no trees due to sewer lines.”

The tree can be any type including an ornamental tree planted in the main front yard area. It is not required to be planted in the center of the yard.

Please contact the ACC if you feel that you need a tree exemption for sewer lines, or other considerations.

The Goodwin inspector will start notifying Homeowners on their  November 1st subdivision inspection. 

Fall is a great time of the year to plant and get your tree established before Winter.

Thank you for your attention to this requirement.



Hi Everyone,



September 18, Monday - Quarterly TEW HOA Board Meeting, Location TBD - keep eye on email

October 14 -- Saturday - Garage Sale – 8 to 2 PM

October 15 --- Adult Happy Hour – Watch for more information

November 28 - Quarterly TEW HOA Board Meeting  3360 Long Prairie Rd, RE/MAX building



  1. A homeowner smelled gas by her gas meter and called 911.  The gas company found a leak by the meter.   With the dryness, Atmos this is becoming more common.


A.  Leave the area,

B.  Call 911

C.  Do NOT use a cell phone, start your car, smoke, use a lighter, DO stop nearby vehicles, do not turn on an electric switch, or garage door opener. Susan, thank you for sharing your experience.  



You are allowed to water 2 times a week and 2 times a day.  You can water before 10AM and again the same day after 6 PM if you choose to.  It is important to water to save your foundation from future foundation issues.   Foundation repairs can cost you thousands of dollars.  



There are 3 positions opening for the board of directors this year.  Please consider running for a position if you are interested in our HOA subdivision.  November, the ballot information will be mailed for you to complete and mail back. Please give this strong consideration.

Meet your neighbors!  We have new renters and homeowners.  I hope you take the time to introduce yourself and welcome them to our neighborhood.



1.   Receive a courtesy violation letter?   There is contact information in the letter if you want to request a longer period of time to correct the problem and explain why.

2.  If your sidewalk has dropped more than 1 ¼ inch, this is a hazard for people walking and can create an injury for that person. Please have your sidewalk repaired.

3.  We are in Stage 2 water restrictions.  NO watering after 10 AM and not before 6PM. 

The HOA does not monitor this but the Town of Flower Mound does and can result in a fine.

Outdoor watering with automatic systems or hose in sprinklers is limited to 2 times a week.

Even number house addresses can water on Thursday and Sunday only. 

Odd number houses addresses  can water Wednesday and Saturday only.

                 Handheld hoses, bucket or drip irrigation is permitted at any time.



Jone Harrison

President, TEW HOA  


Suggestions to better our neighborhood are always welcome


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The management company for TEWHOA is Goodwin & Company. You may request an information packet click this link for a PDF copy of it. This will also tell you how to sign in to your new on-line account.

Mosquito and West Nile Virus information can be found on Town's website - link.

Goodwin & Company is the management company for Timberview Estates West. Our Association manager is Lisa McBee. Her contact information is:


Lisa will handle all the day to day business of the association from coordinating common area repairs to managing past due receivables. A short list of her duties are:

Important Information about TEW

If you see a problem or water leak with our sprinkler system at any of the entrances, please use this number, 24 hours a day, 877-378-2388. You may also contact the Association Manager at lisa.mcbee@goodwintx.com, or, you may reach Lisa directly at 214-445-2761 Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

TEW HOA Board of Directors
Name Position Email
Jone Harrison President 9jharrison@gmail.com
Duane Thornton Vice President vicepresident1@timberviewestateswest.com
Shelli McBrayer Vice President vicepresident2@timberviewestateswest.com
Dennis Rains Secretary secretary@timberviewestateswest.com
William Elton Treasurer treasurer@timberviewestateswest.com
Lisa McBee Association Manager lisa.mcbee@goodwintx.com